Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1/8: Berghoff's Reppin Red Ale

The last variety of my Berghoff 12 pack is Reppin Red Ale.  A search for an image to accompany this post found labels for "Famous Red Ale" and "Rock River Red Ale."  It is my guess that all of these Berghoff Red Ales are the same beer.

It is a good beer.  It earns a three.  It was hoppy and malty.  The label here says "a perfect balance of malt and hops."  Marketing speak - but the point is valid that the malt and the hops are both upfront creating loads of flavor, with neither overpowering the other.  I tend to like yeasty and malty beers, more than I do hoppy beers, and for me the hops were kept in check enough that I found it enjoyable.  I am looking forward to tasting other red ales.

-Jim from Milwaukee

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