Saturday, January 19, 2013

1/19: Guinness Black Lager

Smithwick's (I hear it pronounced like "Smith-icks") is a red ale and Ireland's oldest ale.   If past sheepshead parties at the McCauley's are any indication, I will be enjoying one or two of these fine beers tonight.

When I spend the night socializing late in to the evening, what else can I do but write my post earlier in the day? I suppose I could be having a beer now, at 3 in the afternoon. But I actually don't drink a lot of beer, and don't want to start now. One (or occasionally two) per day is enough. I'd rather have one quality beer than many inferior beers. I propose a toast - To moderation!

I'll come back tomorrow with my tasting notes and my rating (odds are it will be a "3".)

1/20: Update: When I entered the party, the first person I saw drinking a beer was drinking out of a Smithwick's glass, but alas there was no Smithwick's on hand.  But the McCauley's represented Irish beers well with two Guinness selections: cans of their famous stout, and bottles of their black lager.  I chose the lager because I couldn't recall having had it before.

It was good.  Roasted malted barley imparting the usual caramel/coffee flavors in a smooth tasting lager.  A definite 3.

I was at the party for 6 hours and had three beers in that time; two of the Black Lagers and a Weizen by Madison, WI's Capitol Brewing Company.  As for the sheepshead, after 4 rounds I was in 7th place out of 16, so I just missed the money table (top 6).  A fun night.

-Jim from Milwaukee

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