Saturday, January 5, 2013

1/5: Berghoff's Sir Dunkle Dark Lager

Yesterday's Dormunder came in a mixed 12 pack of beers from Berghoff.  Today I enjoyed the Sir Dunkle Dark Lager.  The beer was medium bodied, not too heavy, it had coffee and creamy caramel notes. 

Referring to yesterday' periodic table graphic, Munich Dunkles is one square below Dormunders.  And while the color and flavor are different, there are similarities.  These two could be every day drinking choices, and a drinker might want to follow one with another.  These aren't beers that you need to sip like the the porter. 

According  to MJ, in Companion, dark lagers are associated with Munich and Bohemia.  "This style combines the dryish coffee and licorice notes of dark malts with the roundness and cleanness imparted by a lager yeast."   He goes on to list 5 producers of dark lagers.  Two German, one Czech, and the last two are from... Milwaukee County.  Apparently you don't have to go all the way to Monroe to get a dark lager.  Sprecher's Black Bavarian and Lakefront's East Side Dark Lager are two more examples of this type of beer. 

I liked Berghoff's Sir Dunkle.  I'd have another, so I'd rate it a 3.  Which is good because I have one or two more of these in my 12 pack.

-Jim from Milwaukee

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