Friday, January 11, 2013

1/11: Big Bay Portside Porter

We had my company holiday party tonight at a pizza place just south of downtown.  Being day 11 in MYoB, I wasn't worried about finding a beer there that I hadn't had yet.  But thinking ahead to day 327, I decided to find something off the beaten path.  Their seasonal tap beer was Big Bay Portside.  I had never even heard of the Big Bay Brewery, so I found my beer.  I took out my tasting notebook and a sniffed, sipped and gulped my beer, trying to come up with something to say about it, and I came up with nothing.  No that isn't exactly true.  I wrote "sweet note" and "coffee."  I swear I tasted cherry in one sip, but I couldn't find it again, so maybe I imagined it.  So "hint of cherry" became "sweet note."  And "coffee," well it was a porter, don't they all taste a bit like coffee since the malt is roasted the same way that coffee beans are roasted? (Companion, p. 173)   It was ok, I'd have another, so it rates a 3.  Day 11 and I have nothing to say about a perfectly competent beer.  Maybe that is the problem, I have written about Porters before and since this one didn't suck or wow me what else can I say? 

I don't want to drink "extreme beers" just to have something to say... "The habanero peppers worked well with the marshmallow in this Equadorian ale..."  So what can I write about?  Thanks to the internet I now know that Big Bay is a craft brewer with a tasting room and store located on Oakland Avenue in Shorewood (Milwaukee County.)  I was not able to find a website, but did read a press release.  I also read that they don't have a location to brew their own beers, so they contract out their production. 

Jim from Milwaukee

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