Thursday, January 3, 2013

1/3: Leinenkugel's Snowdrift Vanilla Porter

Just like there is no fruit in fruity tasting hefeweisses, there is no chocolate in porters.  The flavor of chocolate comes from the malt. According to MJ in Ultimate, chocolate malts are "kilned at high temperatures without being burned." 

The label of this porter declares it to be "a perfect beer to celebrate the winter season.  Complex malt character reveals layers of coffee and cocoa."  So it looks like chocolate, and it tastes a bit like dark chocolate, but it contains no chocolate. Beer is magic.

MJ classified porters (and dry stouts) as sociable beers - meant to be lingered over in a pub.  I found it to be a good beer to accompany my dinner on a cold winter's night.  Not sweet, but full of flavor.  I will rate it a "3" - I'd have another.  It is a good tasting beer.

Since this is my first "dark" beer, I should pass on MJ's note on darker beers; they "are not necessarily fuller in body or stronger in alcohol.  There is no connection between color, fullness and potency.  Color derives from the malt used."  (Ultimate, p. 13)

Jim from Milwaukee

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