Thursday, December 27, 2012

An Introduction

I am from Milwaukee.  My father - and his father before him - worked in big Milwaukee breweries.  I have been of legal drinking age now for most of my life.  But what do I know about beer?  Not much, I am afraid.  Don't get me wrong, I have imbibed a variety of beers over the last few decades and I know what I like - my favorite beers are German-style Hefeweizens - but the world of beer is vast. 

A few months back I agreed to be a host of a "beer themed dinner."  I needed to learn about beer - in all of its varieties, so I found the work of "the king of hop(s)" Michael Jackson; "Ultimate Beer" and "Beer Companion."  MJ took beer seriously, like oenophiles take wine seriously.  With his books to help guide me, and a different beer each day, 2013 will be "My Year of Beer."

-Jim from Milwaukee 

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